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RC&M in Existence!
 RC&M is a marketing consultancy specializing in experiential marketing and communication.
 We connect your brand to reach even to the roots of the country where your maximum customer resides.
 Our expertise cuts through market clutter with innovative, experiential and result driven strategies.
 With unique experiential ideas, we engage your customer and create a memorable distinction from your competition.

RC&M has been in business as one of India’s largest experiential marketing solution providers for over 20 years now. Our experiential marketing programmes are driven by interactive campaigns that attempt to engage customers and initiate dialogues, enticing them to draw closer to the brand and build long term associations.


Change is the only constant, a fact that the Indian market is realizing everyday. Emerging technologies and innovative business strategies have wiped away all geographical barriers. It all started with the bridging of Above the Line and Below the Line mode of communications. Followed by, the diminishing polarity between urban and rural communications mode. All communication strategies of today are more result oriented than ever. Audiences are much more aware and expect more than just visibility.

The key word is Experience. Everybody wants a new experience, a moment that is ever lasting. At RC&M, it is our constant endeavor to devise such intelligent brand solutions. Our communication programmes not only meet the challenges of this ever changing market scenario, and its demands, but also make an everlasting impact.