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Marketing Sarpanch - (To be launched soon)

Understanding the prospects, beliefs, dreams and aspirations of ever evolving rural India since last 2 decades, RC&M proudly launches the second comprehensive edition of its annual experiential marketing book in India. The book shares the glimpse of changing mindsets, economic opportunities and brand innovations in rural marketing industry. Perceiving the importance of this rural evolution, we hope to continue sharing the golden warmth of this shining Bharat.

Brand Experience- The marketing mind game

It’s been 20 years since the foundation of RC&M and these years have witnessed numerous changes in the horizon. To commemorate the years of toil and gained wisdom, RC&M launches the first ever experiential marketing book in India. The book covers changing trends in the experiential market industry in India and the world over. As we move into the next decade we count on being the change for many years to come.

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