Over 10,3,60,000 eyeballs captured during the course of 450 days across 3 states.
Rs. 3780000 worth sales generated after creating 15750 retail contacts and connecting with 4570 local hakims and vaids.
80426 Cinkara bottles sold post campaign influencing TG at strategic touch points.
Key retail outlets were identified at tehsil level. These outlets were converted into sub supply agencies to ensure deeper product availability.
The retail slump tonic

Hamdard is a century old and one of the most trusted brands in India. However, it was losing its market share on account of non-availability at rural retail outlets and lack of visibility. To achieve this, it was a campaign was devised to capture the direct customer in his area of work and leisure. Hamdard Cinkara was directed to the bread earners of the family who could not afford to tire out of their daily work as it would hamper their livelihood. Therefore, Cinkara gave them the necessary tonic to re-energize them for the day. The communication “Thakti Nahi Zindagi Zinkara ke Sang” reinforced the attributes of Cinkara through danglers, posters, stickers at chemists, mechanics shops, barber shops, paan shops, banks etc. Further, dispensers with the figure of running man helped increase visibility and encouraged TOM recall for the brand. Since, rural India trusts unani medicines as the first solution for any illness, vaids and hakims were taken as influencers for the brand. Sampling took place at established touch points along with guerilla tactics to ensure maximum exposure and coverage.