25% increase in footfall recorded post event.
Conversations increased at the ratio of 4:10 from previous 2:10 within a month of outreach and retail face lift campaign.
3,800 retail outlets merchandised where the campaign reached 55 transport nagars and centres across 15 states in 10 months
Shell Lubricants

Shell lubricants, required to motivate channel partners and increase shelf visibility to augment the brand awareness and boost sales. For this, it was important to create a loop between consumer, the mechanic and retailer where each benefited through Shell. A push pull strategy was devised where the pull was through visibility at retail outlets and the push was through customer interface. Retail merchandising through product display and POSM helped garner maximum visibility. In shop sales and stall-selling at key counters helped to increase awareness, push tertiaries and give confidence to channel partners. Regular visits to mechanics helped reinforce brand messages and build positive disposition towards Shell. Short-term mechanic loyalty programme was implemented to maintain momentum of the loop. The entire campaign increased availability of shell lubricant and helped generate product trials and sales by engaging and increasing awareness of Shell.