30,000 farmers received respite and supports from Mahindra by creating an emotional connect with them through this campaign.
400 soil tests were conducted relieving them of the time and money they had to spend to reach soil testing labs situated at district level without any confirmation on report delivery.
This strategic social initiative brought joy to the life of distressed farmers by understanding the root of their predicament and counseling them on continuous maintenance for soil fertility.
Project Bhoomi

Mahindra and Mahindra’s Rural Prosperity Campaign, was instigated by the growing plight of farmers in Vidarbha who were commuting suicide at a disturbing rate. Their greatest trouble was the low produce due to their lack of adequate knowledge of soil chemical composition. Project Bhoomi was evaluated the farmers soil condition generating detailed reports through mobile labs on the same day. The reports analyzed the nutrients in the soil and its restoration. It also gave the farmer information about the maintaining the required level of nutrients in the soil. Bhoomi was Mahindra’s first customer centric business approach cutting across tractor ownership. It was later used by fertilizer companies and relevant government institutions.