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The success of the campaign was marked by TOM recall for brand and a dramatic increase in sales.
Ayush Mahaan Bhawa
The strength and ruggedness of Ceat tyres was significant in its brand promise of long life. To convey this promise and build an emotional connection with the customer, the communication “Ayush Mahaan Bhawa… Lambi Umar ka Aashirwaad” was designed. This brought the customers focus on USP of long life and assured him the trust of a stronger and tougher tyre. It also presented Ceat as the tyre blessed with a longer lifespan as compared to other tyres. To fortify this communication, leaflets were created with the visual depiction of elements that had a long life. The visual of banian tree that represented trust and Ceats promise for growth in life with the brand, the visual of elephant that represented toughness and ruggedness and the visual of turtle that was symbolic to strength and stability. The campaign also featured an a/v to inform the TG about the features and benefits of Ceat tyres. The uniqueness of the communication was the integration of the name of the tyre with its USP.