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Aircel - Pocket mania
Aircel focused on spread awareness about the brand and create conversions of Aircel products through a unique experience where 2 main VAS features, namely facebook and yahoo one search. To achieve the objectives, two formats of zones will be adopted, one static & other mobile. Static Aircel Zone were fixed at strategic high footfall locations like malls, markets, cinema & other high footfall locations. The Mobile Aircel Zones were a toned down version of static zones, placed across colleges, RWA’s, offices etc. With the brand proposition of affordability, the communication
“Duniya Jeb Mein”, explored the unexplored power of a pocket once the T.G. has Aircel. The pocket mania was promoted through outdoor, print, internet and radio. The distinctiveness of the campaign came out with catchy phrases and questions like “Aapke dost kahan rehte hain, aapse dur, ya aapki jeb mein?” which highlighted the affordability factor of Aircel. Larger than life cutout of pockets were placed at malls, corporate areas etc. Facebook community for Aircel, customized viral, winamps, details of Aircel zone in different cities, discussion on Pocket Internet etc. kept conversation going with the core TG, online. Inflatable's were erected on Aircel zone location for turning eyeballs towards Aircel Zones. To reaffirm the communication, promoters wearing large pockets interacted with the T.G and distributed pocket shaped leaflets inviting the T.G. to exclusive zones.