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In-house Propertise
9000 villages across 5 states enjoyed the rural brand experience extravaganza.
60k retail outlets were merchandized as the campaign reached 1500 haats and integrated 2000 anganwadi’s.
Grameeno ke beech
Grameeno ke beech (GKB) was an effort to bring customers across categories under a single roof by creating a seamless way for men, woman and children to engage, interact with and experience the brands. The synthesis of non-competing brands and the TG of the entire family created the perfect mix for building long lasting relationships. Customer interface along with product demonstration gave the TG an ethos to familiarize with the brand and understand what it had to offer. At the same time, brands leveraged their resources to drive deeper engagements and deliver a comprehensive brand experience. GKB was publicized through multimedia like mobile miking, handbill cum ticket to fair distribution, merchandising and stock replenishment.