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Kiyun Ki Saas Bhi Kabhi Foonki Thi
The campaign successfully conveyed the message of the brand to the TG by presenting characters that were part of their lives.
The skit helped BP Oorja create a positive impact on the TG and showcased it as the brand that understands their requirements.
Kiyun Ki Saas Bhi Kabhi Foonki Thi
BP Oorja had developed bio mass chulha’s with the objective to promote less smoke emitting and bio fuel based modern chullah against the traditional and more health hazard chullah. To introduce this chulah in a positive and friendlier way, it was necessary to connect with the TG and build a relationship based on trust. For this, a skit “kyonki saas bhi kabhi phoonki thi” was developed based on the historical saas bahu saga. The skit revolved around the life of the nagging old-fashioned saas, Savita and Tuli, the aspirational and well informed bahu. The story reflected the generation gap between both the characters and their difference in attitude. Tulsi, the bahu, is shown to have a more progressive mindset which helps her rationalize better choices in life. The saas, Savita is shown to be stern about her traditional mindset which is mirrored in her consistency to create dilemmas in her bahu’s life. Tulsi’s smartness outshines her mother-in-law’s vengeance every time. By the end, Savita runs out of ammunition to defeat tulsi’s confidence and tulsi wins her over her saas with the right mix of her attitude.