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Operation Attack
15,000 farmers across 65 districts and 17 states were re-introduced to the CRB plus, tractor engine oil marking a 12% sales surge during the campaign.
1500 shows created 79% recall of the brand proposition in a stipulated period of 90 days where 11 Units were deployed to ambush the entire country.
65% CRB non users were outright and ready to shift to CRB Plus. (base 200 TG)
Operation Attack
Castrol, the world wide lubricant giant and market leader in the Indian automotive retail lubricant segment anticipated a re-launch of CRB plus, tractor engine oil, in low sales areas. Since users of CRB plus had shifted to the competitive brand, the brand required to reach both CRB non users and CRB past users to establish their brand proposition and leverage customer loyalty for Casrol. Operation attack was conceptualized where the customer could actually experience the working of the oil inside the engine through a larger than life mechanism. A comparative demonstration between an ordinary oil and CRB plus at a temperature of 300 degree validated Castrol’s claim of a technologically engineered heat proof formula. Reinforcing this belief was the film “Jai Kissan” was showcased to appeal to the emotions of lapsed CRB plus user like a long lost friend. The movie encouraged TG to embrace a friend in the form of CRB plus who has always protected his tractor.