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Aap ke Wade ka Rakshak
BP Vanellus wanted to create awareness among its TG about the brand, focusing on its clean guard technology. To create hype around the brand and inform the TG about brand benefits, the concept “BP Vanellus- Aapke Wade Ka Rakshak, Ab Carbon Nahi Dhandha Jamega” was proposed. Pre-publicity was done and visibility drive was initiated to notify the consumers that Clean Guard Technology of BP Vanellus helps breaking formation of soot and carbon dust and prevents them from blocking the filter to let oil reach crucial parts of the truck engine. To highlight brand promise, pre-publicity was done one day prior to main event through teaser campaign, where black mob distributed creative leaflets to TG in and around various Transport Nagars. Mile-Man was created during visibility drive, to promote
the significance of BP Vanellus, depicting that trucks using this oil cover greater distance as compared to trucks using other engine oil brands. The drive was further promoted through innovative invites, posters, danglers, cleaning drive, eye TV and bill boards. A larger than life filter was also created to be placed at Transport Nagars to showcase the formation of carbon blocks and functioning of BP Vanellus clean guard technology.