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Rural sports- Khiladi No 1
In-house Propertise
60k audience enjoyed the thrill of 150 sports events as rural sports boosted the morale of sports lovers and enabled the brand to associate with the youth.
Out of 16000 enquiries, 5000 test rides were taken winning confidence of 10% customers present at the venue.
Mahindra Khiladi No. 1
Mahindra Tractors perpetuated its commitment to rural prosperity by extending it to the next generation of torch bearers. Mahindra Khiladi No. 1 was the brands approach to present youngsters an opportunity to gauge their talent. This rural sporting event channelized the talented youth by giving them a platform to showcase their abilities and nourished their passion for the sports. The entire set up arena was branded with life size canopy, backdrops, flags, standees, buntings, kiosks etc. The participating teams competed for Mahindra’s Khiladi Number One title in Kabaddi and volleyball. Correlating the consistency of Mahindra’s leadership in the Tractor industry, the contestants with consistent performance during the event were honored with the title of Mahindra’s Khiladi Number One. Other winners received gold medals and consolation prizes for participation. Customer interface at the venue kept spectators engaged while the excitement of the competition kept them on their toes.