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In-house Propertise
Tridev was conceptualized and executed as a syndicated operation for the upliftment of a famer’s life. The idea behind this concept was to propose and promote a set of 3 important elements, meant to enhance farmers’ efficiency and to finally lead to their prosperity. At the time of Tridev’s conception, the set of two wheeler, tractor and tractor tyres was promoted among farmers, as all these elements basically cater to their social and trading needs. Next season, a set of 3 other elements, like agri pump, tractor spark plugs and tractor lubricant, was promoted to stress upon the need for high efficiency and good performance of the essential products to be used in irrigation activities. RC&M initiated this innovative activity to cater to elementary needs and concerns of a farmer, under a single roof. Tridev proved to be a worthy experience and hence received a thrilling response from the farmers.